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17 Pranks That Are So Good Yet Oh So Cruel

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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We all love to trick our close friends and relatives. But often we don't get new ideas for pranks. Most of the prank ideas are outdated and can easily find it. But here is a list of some tricks to prank your friends. Have fun.

1 Dyeing your friends toothbrush any color would be the ultimate prank.

2 Fake a nail polish spill by laying down wax paper.

3 So you could either actually put a toenail in the cake (which would be really gross) or you could just write this with frosting.

4 Fill some donuts with mayo.

5 Plastic wrap over the toilet seat for all the haters in your life.

6 Tape a horn underneath the chair of your nemesis in the office.

7 Decorate your favorite coworkers office area with their one true love.

8 Paint your friends car with Post-its.

9 Put googly eyes on everything in the fridge.

10 Switch up the bathrooms on someone.

11 Make onions look like caramel apples.

12 Make some classic mint-flavored Oreos.

13 Fill the hallways with too many balloons to deal with.

14 Cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish.

15 Fill a friends car with tennis balls.

16 Mess with the toilet paper.

17 Switch up the keys on your friends keyboard.

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