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7 Easy Ways To Get Super White Underarms In Just 3 Minutes

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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If only my underarms weren't this dark, I could have worn this special dress today we often hear girls make such complaints. For most girls, winter is their favorite season due to this main reason. However, once summers arrive, they start panicking since they cannot wear their special sleeveless dresses due to their dark underarms.

This is obviously an embarrassing situation for girls. However, instead of complaining about it, they need to find a solution. There are several commercial creams available in the market which claim to solve this problem, but those contain harmful chemicals which can damage the skin. Instead, try these seven tips to get rid of dark underarms naturally!

1 Dont use hair removal creams or even shave

how to clean and clear underarms

Shaving body hair is the worst decision a girl can take since it can worsen the condition of the skin. Using hair removal creams also have the same effect.

While these solutions are sometimes inevitable, one should realize that regularly using these methods will make your underarms go dark.

2 Scrubbing off dead skin

best way to clean dark underarms

Dark colour in the underarms is often attributed to dead skin. Hence, this has to be removed, and the best way to do this is to use a home scrub. Lemon and sugar mixture will work perfectly.

3 Baking soda can naturally whiten skin

best method to clean underarm

Mix baking soda with water and apply it on the underarms. Keep it for a few minutes before rinsing well. Repeat this procedure twice per week. This is considered one of the best ways of removing dead cells from the skin.

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4 Rub potato and cucumber slices

natural way to clean underarm hair

Potato and cucumber both act as excellent skin whiteners. Apply their mixture on the armpits for 5 minutes and rinse properly afterward. Repeat this every day once to see results soon.

5 Massage with coconut oil

best way to clean underarm stains

Coconut oil can help in getting rid of dark underarms. Try to give a daily oil massage for five minutes before bathing.

6 Apply lemon juice

can't get a clean shave underarms

Lemon can work wonders for any skin related problems. It can help a lot in reducing darkness in underarms. Before bathing, apply lemon juice 15 minutes before and wash properly. You should start seeing results within a week.

7 Apply papaya daily

clean and white underarm 	clean underarm deodorant stains

Many people aren't aware of the fact that papaya has several medicinal properties it can cleanse the blood, improve digestion and also help in skin related issues. There are various enzymes present in papaya which can help in whitening the skin. For five minutes every day, apply papaya juice on the underarm, and you should notice positive results within a few days.

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