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17 Reasons Why Girls On Instagram Are The Worst

by Qunki Team | funny
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Instagram is the popular photo sharing app. Instagram has a lot of features that make it popular among youth, especially girls. With the help of these functions, we can alter our images that look way better than it really is. So we can never assume the images we see on Instagram is real (or at least to an extent).

Here are some pictures that show girls on Instagram are much different than real life.

1 Selfie even in worst situations

2 This how the truth

3 Look everyone I went outside!

4 #hashTag #mania

5 Warning !

6 Instagram girls be like

7 vs real life . .

8 b*tches love..

9 how it really look like

10 what she actually looks like

11 Guys vs Girls

12 You feel like you look like the left, but really its more like the right.

13 Expectation vs Reality

14 Duck face


16 wait a minute..

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