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Mystery Over Mythical Goat Born With The Face Of A Human Baby

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The entire family is surprised after looking at the strange human looking kid, and many people believe that it is a fawn which is a mythical creature created by fusion of goat and human.

1 Carcass of the goat which looked like a human

This kid was born to a villager named Ibrahim Basir in Felda, a village in southern Malaysia. Naturally, the 63-year-old farmer was completely shocked when he saw that the face of the kid resembled that of a human baby.

2 Currently, the Veterinary Services Department has the baby for investigation.

The kid died shortly after its birth, and only the carcass remains, which is now with the Veterinary Services Department.

While many villagers offered Mr. Basir quite a lot of money to give them the carcass, he refused to do so. Instead, he gave the carcass to the Veterinary Services Department so that they can investigate about this special kid.

3 Resembles a human baby

Ibrahim told local media he was initially shocked when he found out that one of his goats had given birth to a kid that had the features of a human baby.

Ibrahim Commented that he was completely shocked to see that a kid was born which looked completely like a human being. He came to know about this from Jamaluddin Abdul Samad, a 50-year-old farm worker, who told him that several parts of the kid were similar to a human baby.

The face, nose, legs and the skin resembled that of a human baby, however, the light brown color of the fur showed that it has features of a goat too.

4 However, the kid didn’t have any umbilical cord.

According to Ibrahim, the mother goat probably trampled the kid. The carcass was kept in a polystyrene box, and ice cubes were added to make sure the carcass doesn’t rot. Finally, then handed it over to the experts yesterday.

5 Watch this video to know more about the carcass.

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