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Here Is The Surprising Reason Why F And J Have Raised Ridges On Keyboard

by Qunki Team | technology and internet
Home > technology and internet > Here Is The Surprising Reason Why F And J Have Raised Ridges On Keyboard

Almost everyone nowadays has a laptop or a computer at the homes and offices. While the keyboard is one of the most-used hardware of a PC, it is also one of the most neglected ones. We just know that the keyboard is used to type, but there is more to it.

If you have paid attention the design of a keyboard, you have probably noticed that two keys on the keyboard F and J have little ridges on them. Most people don't really know how to place their fingers on the laptop properly. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have the knowledge regarding proper finger placement on the keys for maximum typing speed and efficiency.

Read on to know why there are ridges on both the keys.

1 Ridges on F and J

You are probably near a PC or a mobile since you are reading this site. If you are near a PC, take a look at the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys. You will see that there are ridges on those keys only.

2 This is present all modern keyboards.

Check the entire keyboard and you will see that no other keys except those two have these ridges. Also, this isn’t exclusive to certain models; all modern keyboards have these ridges.

3 Invented in 2002

June E Botich invented these ridges on the keys which are also known as the home row in 2002.

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4 Purpose of the bumps

Proper finger placement on the keyboard is extremely important. Normally, when you start typing, you need to look at the keyboard to set your fingers properly. With these ridges, fingers can be positioned without even looking at the keyboard, making the entire process faster.

5 Increased typing speed

Since the bumps helps in better finger placement, typing speed is also improved, and it reduces the strain on the fingers and wrists while typing.

6 Place index fingers over F and J keys

You should position your left and right index fingers over the F and J keys respectively. This is considered the best position for touch typing. Touch typing refers to the process of typing on the keyboard without looking at it.

7 Proper placement

While the fingers on the left hand should be on A,S,D,F keys, the fingers on the right should be on J,K,L and colon keys. Both the thumbs should be on the space bar. This is the ideal position for typing. Practise typing in this position, and you will see that your speed and accuracy has improved by a huge margin.

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