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Elderly Woman In Critical Condition After Slipping On Used Condoms Man Was Trying To Return To Wamart

by Qunki Team | funny
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Ingrid Wallace, a 94-year-old woman from St. Louis, Missouri, is in a severe condition in a local hospital after a horrible accident at the Walmart store. Investigation reveals that she was at the customer service counter since she wanted to return a quilt she bought from the store a few days ago. Walter Mathis was another person who came there with the intention to return “used condoms” bought the previous night.

Patty Williams was at the counter, and she is completely horrified by the incident. Williams said that she was quite scared when Mathis approached her counter. He placed the box of condoms on the deck and Williams was sure that they were already used since the condoms were completely soaked. What followed is even more disgusting.

Mathis took out one used condom and yelled at the top of his voice that the condoms were too small and they were restricting blood circulation, so he wanted his money back. A few drops of semen even went into her eye.

The main accident happened afterwards. Ingrid’s exchange was done, so she turned back and she accidently placed her foot on one of the used condoms the had fallen. She slipped and her head hit the floor and started bleeding immediately.

Williams commented that the security team present at Walmart kept Mathis locked up till the police came. Robert Henry, one of the members of the security team, reported that they quickly grabbed Mathis, but he was trying his best to get rid of them. In fact, he slammed one of those condoms on to his face. The team was compelled to throw him onto the ground. Robert still feels humiliated due to that incident. After going back home that day, he immediately showered for a long time which took nearly 2 hours. He feels horrible and hopes that such an incident never happens to anyone else.

Ingrid Wallace, is currently in a very serious condition. However, the fact that the medical team responded quickly along with her Life Alert bracelet are the main reasons why she is still alive. According to the doctors, the old woman experienced brain hemorrhage during the fall. Walter Mathis who is a maths teacher at the St. Louis Public School District is currently charged with assault and also resisting arrest. The school officials have said that Mathis will be under paid-leave till the investigation is over. He is currently held on a $7000 bond.

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