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Tinder Guy Said She Wasn't White Enough, Her Response Blew Everyone Away

by Qunki Team | wtf
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A mixed-race woman recently was a victim of a racist Tinder date, where she was asked to bleach her skin to make its color lighter.

1 Racist tinder date

This picture is a 22 year old beautiful woman named Takara Allen. Since she is from a mixed race, she had to face a terrible incident recently when she went out with his date connected via Tinder.

Her Date stays in Adelaide, Australia. That man commented that Tara shouldn’t take any offense from what he is about to say, but after looking at her photos on Instagram, he thought that she is a bit dark and maybe bleaching can be a good solution. Lighter skin meant that she would be more beautiful, according to him. Tara was horrified after reading this message.

2 Drink bleach

After receiving this message, Tara replied that he should think about drinking bleach because he doesn’t deserve to stay in this planet.

She was in complete shock, and she cried after receiving the message. She couldn’t believe what she just read because no one has told her to bleach before. She said that although she will never bleach her skin, she can understand why other women do so.

This happens because at a young age, children are taught being “whiter” is better in every aspect and that you should try to adjust to make your skin lighter.

3 Pressure

‘The darker you are, the more pressure you have to face. In a way, I am fortunate that I am not that dark, so I get to experience the two sides of the coin; on the one hand, people often compliment me because I am light skinned, but at other times, people are often mean to me and behave rudely since I have brown skin. Finally, after experiencing this personally, I can understand how difficult the lives of those people must be who are darker skinner than me. I am furious at the moment, and it would be great if I never met this person.

After sending this reply, I blocked him immediately. Such people shouldn’t be given second chances.

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4 Beauty standards

She posted that she can’t apprehend what people think before speaking so rudely to women. Such people are a disgrace to the society since they put even more pressure on colored people who already have to deal with a lot of stress.

She told him that he must be crazy to think that it is not offensive. She often had to deal with such people in the past. People used to tell her that she is very beautiful for a black woman but if the skin color were lighter, she would be even more attractive. So naturally, she has developed a hatred against such people.

5 Support

Everyone supported her. Claire DoohanBjornenak wrote, “You are gorgeous, and that guy needs to learn some manners. It is unfortunate that you had to face this situation.”

Maddy Rose Smith commented that she is perfect the way she is.

Keara Dee said that the boy must be a fool to ask her to bleach since she has beautiful tan skin.

Takara made a new post associating with her post, where she explains how difficult it is for black women to date or work in this world. The darker the skin color, the worse your condition. People consider black women not beautiful because they are just black which is completely absurd and makes no sense.

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