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Man Went Snorkeling and Discovered THIS at the Bottom of the River

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Whats lurking in the Colorado River?

1 A Snorkeler In The Colorado River Found This Scary Site!

A diver was having underwater fun in Parker, Arizona near the Cienega Springs boat ramp which is on the Colorado River, when he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Soon the La Paz County Sheriffs Department came to investigate.

2 A Buckskin Fire Department Diver Was Dispatched.

When the La Paz Sheriffs Department arrived at the scene, they decided to give the job over to the Fire Department who ended up finding two skeletons seated in lawn chairs. Was it a gruesome watery grave or something else?

3 The Sheriffs Department Reports Its Not A Crime Scene.

The skeletons were covered in algae and rested against a rock that had settled on the floor of the lake. Apparently, they were found by the Fire Department diver to be fake skeletons sitting in lawn chairs, having a cup of tea underwater. What?

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4 A Sign Referencing Comedy, Weekend At Bernies.

One of the skeletons held a sign that said, Bernie, living the dream in the river August 16, 2014, likely referencing the hilarious, dark 1989 comedy movie, about two guys pretending their murdered employer is alive, all the while with wacky mishaps.

5 La Paz Sheriffs Social Medias Notable Mention.

Although both the Sheriffs Office and Buckskin Fire departments were relieved to find that the remains weren't real, the La Paz Sheriffs Department thought the whole incident amusing enough to mention on their Facebook page, AND followers agreed!

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