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When Cops Saw What Fell Out of the Oven Door, They Knew the Kids Weren’t Safe From Mom and Dad

by Qunki Team | wtf
Home > wtf > When Cops Saw What Fell Out of the Oven Door, They Knew the Kids Weren’t Safe From Mom and Dad

Parents always try to keep their children safe and secure. But this incident completely shook not only the police but also the locality. Keep on reading to know more.

1 Cops Were Cautious When Approaching The HouseIn Palm Beach

The cops were quite cautious when they came to the house, but they were shocked what they found inside the house. The house was literally a complete mess, and there was more to come.

2 Travis and Robin Royall

Their home can be compared to hell, and they have stayed there for years. Whats tragic is that their children also have to stay in the same house. You will find spider webs and insects lying all over the floor, as well as urine and feces. The children were living in a sick room, which didn't have any facilities for air-conditioning, besides there was a huge hole in the roof.

3 The Worst Part Was The Kitchen

The cops were horrified by what they found in the kitchen. Cockroaches, dead insects, and their eggs were laying all over the drawers and floor. The worst part was that once the oven was opened for inspection, hundreds of cockroaches came out.

4 A Similar Incident Has Occurred Earlier As Well In This Family

Whats even more disturbing is the fact that a similar incident has happened earlier as well in this family. At that time, the children were taken to child services away from their parents. And the same incident has happened once again.

5 Statement Released ByThe Extended Family

The extended family of the parents have released this statement, and have reported that the children are safe now.

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