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She Disappeared For Years, But When She Was Found They Were Shocked To See THIS

by Qunki Team | wtf
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At 11 years old, Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped on June 10th, 1991 by Phillip Garrido in South Lake Tahoe, California. As Jaycee walked to catch the school bus in the morning, Garrido approached her in a car and shocked Jaycee with a stun gun to incapacitate her.

Jaycee’s kidnapping immediately made national news, and massive search teams combed the area. Unfortunately, search teams failed in finding Jaycee and she remained in the Garrido’s captivity until 2009. During this period, Phillip Garrido repeatedly raped Jaycee and she gave birth to two children as a result of this sexual trauma. Phillip’s wife Nancy was also involved in the forced captivity. The conditions the young girl lived in were even quite horrible. She and her children were forced to live in a hut and tent the Garrido’s backyard.

1 Picture of Jaycee Dugard Before She Was Captured

This is the last picture taken of the young girl before she was captured.

2 Shown on the news

If you used to watch the news in the 1990s, you might be familiar with this picture of Jaycee, since this was circulated in the news channels often after her disappearance.

3 The couple that captured Jaycee

Philip and Nancy Gorrido are the horrible couples who are responsible for her kidnapping. Philip has a history of drug abuse and sexual invariance before the kidnapping took place. s

4 She Stayed In A Tent

She was forced to stay in the house of Philip and Nancy for almost 18 years. This picture clearly shows the tent where Jaycee, along with the couple's daughters used to live. Whats surprising is that this tent can be viewed on Google Maps.

5 Limited space, away from mainstream life

This picture shows the tent from close where Jaycee was forced to spend most of her life along with the other daughters. Philip even compelled her to have intercourse with him and produce offsprings.

6 A sketch of older Jaycee

The right picture is how an artist believes Jaycee would look like if she was 25 years old. At that time, no one could believe that they would be able to see the real Jaycee again.

7 A picture of her in 2009

Considering the horrible way she had to spend 18 years of her life, she actually looks extremely beautiful in this picture. Since her rescue, she has participated actively in increasing awareness among the general public about child abduction.

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