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Photoshopped Images From Sports That Need To Get A Gold Medal

by Qunki Team | others
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Sports madness is all around us. We see some of the most amazing moments shared by people who are at the events. The games can be fun and entertaining for everyone. For spectators there is more than one way to get involved in the games and events.

During Sports events there are a number of people who find their own way to enjoy the humor part – they get involved with their personal photo session. Some of the rarest collections of Sports photo fails can result in a complete collection of your personalized photo album.

Not all players who participate take home Sports gold medal but some of them also take home with them their worst shared camera moments. Photos shared below certainly do deserve a medal on their own.

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps Lasers
Michael Phelps Airbender
Michael Phelps Staredown
Angolian Goal Keeper
Angolian Goal Keeper Crowdsurf
Angolian Goal Keeper Rodeo
Kosuke Hagino Swimcap
Kosuke Hagino Swim Cap Bear Attack
Kosuke Hagino Swim Cap Home Alone
Kosuke Hagino Swimcap Spiderman
Gymnasts Pose
Gymnasts Pose Sear
Cheering Fan
Cheering Fan Ipad
Cheering Fan Mad Max
Cheering Fan Sockpuppet
German Beach Volleyball
German Beach Volleyball Fail
Green Pool
Green Pool Olympics Photoshops
Green Pool Photoshop
Indian Gymnast
Indian Gymnast Clintons
Indian Gymnast Photoshop
Indian Gymnast Rio Photoshop
Kelly Ohara Celebrate
Kelly Ohara Celebrate Rockband
Michael Phelps Celebrate
Michael Phelps Celebrate Statue
Ping Pong
Pin Pong Starwars
Simon Biles
Simon Biles Flying
Simon Biles Olympics Photoshops
Simon Biles Superman Photoshop
Table Tennis
Table Tennis Bean
Table Tennis Helping Hand
Us Volleyball Reaction
Us Volleyball Reaction Bloodsport
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