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Hilarious Nerd Memes !

by Qunki Team | funny
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The best of NERD MEMES

1 Wanna See My Memory Stick ?

2 Im Not Familiar With That Pokemon

3 Ill treat You Like My Homework

4 You Turn My Hardware To Software ;)

5 I Choose You

6 In What Level ?

7 Wont Help You Study ..

8 Your Mother is So Fat !

9 Now How Will I Make Friends !

10 Cant Lift 50KG

11 Spent Evening Fixing Her PC

12 Like in Titanic ?

13 Accepted !

14 They Love it, Really

15 I Only Watch the Japanese Version

16 Are You a Hydrogen Atom ?

17 Gained 200 Pounds

18 Got Called Nerd in High School

19 Im not a virgin

20 I Dont Even Look at the Screen

21 Calls you a Nerd !

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