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Married Confessions That Will Make You Reconsider Your Love Life

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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We all have some fantasies. Sometimes they go as planned. While sometimes they may lead to a really awkward situation. When we get married or in a relationship, its really normal to have such fantasies. But its not always cool to have such awkward situations Here are some confessions from married people that may make you reconsider about being in a relationship.

1 Because baby it was all worth it!

2 A third man sounds a good idea.

3 For some, fantasies have no END.

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4 And there shouldnt be an END too.

5 Sweetie, reality will soon smack you back on that face.

6 Seriously, some people never grow up and this pervert clearly misses his childhood.

7 *SIGH*, and now we find reasons to.

8 Well, it is rightly said,In life no one helps you once you are f****d.

9 You see,I wanna do bad things to you. doesnt work all the time.

10 Not all men can be Hulk or Hugh Jackman.

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