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10 Tips for a Quicker Morning Makeup Routine

by Qunki Team | beauty
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When you work on tight deadlines for days together, you might feel hard-pressed to wake up everyday feeling refreshed and ready to get out into the world, not to mention you always end up running out of time, trying to hurry through breakfast, grabbing your keys, and dashing out of the door to greet a new day. Despite all your time-crunch, you still want to look good, or at the least be presentable, but do not have half-an-hour to spend on your makeup. Well, here is good news. You can cut down on your morning makeup time by following these quick and easy tips.

1 Ice

quick makeup tips

It sounds incredibly simple, but washing your face with ice in the morning not only tones your skin well, but also helps you look and feel refreshed all day. The major reason behind applying ice is that it helps your skin absorb the makeup products faster, which in turn helps you get out of the door a few minutes early.

2 Combine Skin and Hair

easy morning make up tips

Products that contain Vitamin D elixir are a good example of using on both skin and hair. You could save several minutes if you use one product for your face that could be easily applied to your hair as well. We aim to minimize the number of bottles we use in the morning.

3 A pH balanced cleanser

simple make up tips for morning routine

The first couple of steps in applying makeup can be easily combined into one by using a pH balanced face cleanser that eliminates the need of using a separate toner. Combine this process with taking a shower, and you save bonus time.

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4 Tinted Sun-Block

fast and easy morning make up routine

How many bottles do you have to open every morning each time you want to wear the base of the makeup? Let us see – there is the sunscreen lotion, the moisturizer, and the compact. Say no to these individual bottles, and bring home a tinted moisturizer (suitable for your skin type) that also has the required level of sun protection factor (SPF).

5 Touch-up Pen

makeup steps

If you still feel your blemishes are somewhat visible after applying the SPF-based tinted moisturizer, grab a touch-up pen that acts as a concealer for spot application. The beauty of this product is that it is easy to carry around, hence if you feel a bit drowsy during your workday, you could quickly dab the pen on your lash line for awake-looking eyes.

6 Brow Gel

Your eyes form key parts of your face, and it is essential to make them stand out with efficient makeup. Try a brow gel (several tinted ones are also available), to keep your brows in proper shape throughout the day. No time to tweeze? No worries at all, no one would notice with a little help from this quick activity of applying a gel. It might also save you from fiddling around with mascara.

7 Eye Liners

Eye liners are real boons to those who have no time to find the perfectly matching eye shadow in the rush hours of the morning. The trick to getting the eye shadow feeling with a liner is to apply it a bit thicker than usual, and to use your fingers to smudge it evenly. Be careful to apply lighter than usual, for the smudging effect could cause your eyes to look smoky.

8 Lip Gloss

Lipsticks and lip liners could be a nuisance when trying to apply right, especially when you are pressed for time. Go for a bright and glossy lip gloss instead. Choose a color that suits most of your wardrobe, so you do not have to go looking for the right lip gloss every morning.

9 Plan Ahead

Some of the steps, even while wearing a rushed makeup, could be avoided if you do a little bit of planning. For instance, tweeze out your eyebrows every weekend so that you would not have to apply the brow gel every day. Another example is to get your eye lashes tinted from a safe beauty parlor, which would eliminate the need of applying eye liners. A little bit of planning can potentially save several minutes of your time each morning.

10 Organize

This is part of planning ahead, and staying on top of your game. Segregate your makeup kit into everyday use versus occasional use. Maintain separate boxes if you have the space to store them. You would naturally want to wear a more conventional makeup when going out to an evening party, and that is when you take out your “slow box”. For workday mornings, your “quick box” with some or all of the items mentioned above should be more than enough.

11 Enjoy the Spare Time

You got ready and perfectly good-to-go before time. You have your makeup on, you look great, and yet you have a few minutes to spare. Indulge yourself in other interesting activities, such as spending a few minutes talking to your significant other, reading a quick article in a magazine, adding an extra serving of fruit to your otherwise hurried breakfast, and so on. Life is great when you have more time to spare, so live every minute to the fullest.

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