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8 Signals Your Body Gives You When Your Liver Is Being Damaged

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
Home > health and fitness > 8 Signals Your Body Gives You When Your Liver Is Being Damaged

In case you are experiencing liver damage then the best way to understand it is to carefully observeif any of these mentioned symptoms are happening. Here are a few listed symptoms that are a sure indication of severe liver damage.

1 Stomach problems

Stomach issues like indigestion and even heartburn are quite common. But the stomach problem is extremely dangerous for a human being. Stomach Disorder is one of the most dangerous symptoms of liver damage.

2 Fatigue accompanied by a severe headache:

When your liver is damaged severely, then you may often suffer from severe headaches as well as fatigue. Both of these are indications of the fact that, your liver needs attention and that too immediately.

3 Sudden loss of weight:

Sudden fall in weight is not a very good symptom as it is often related to cancer. But in the case of liver damage too, there is a sudden loss of weight.

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4 Problems in digestion:

When you experience severe stomach cramps and digestive disorders, it can be a possible symptom of liver damage.

5 Dark urine even after drinking plenty of water:

well, if you experience dark urine even after drinking lots and lots of water then it can be concluded safely that you are suffering severe liver damage.

6 Stool color gray or yellow shows liver damage:

When the color of your stool is gray or yellowish then be sure that you are experiencing severe liver damage.

7 Jaundice:

Jaundice is perhaps one of the issues that you will be facing in case of liver damage and swelling and enlargement of the liver. Jaundice leads to yellowing of skin yes and even the nails.

8 Pain in your lower stomach:


If you experience severe pain in your stomach in the lower part, then it is a symptom of liver damage.

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