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Warning If You Notice This Butterfly On Baby’s Crip, Never Ask The Parents

by Qunki Team | family and parenting
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You probably think that it doesn’t have any significant purpose, but you will be shocked by what it actually means.

1 Expecting Twins

Millie and her husband were overjoyed to welcome twins to this world. However, during a check-up, they found out that one of the babies is suffering from Anencephaly in the womb, which completely shattered them. This disease severely inhibits brain development, and the baby probably wouldn’t survive for long.

2 Baby Skye

Within in a matter of a few minutes, their joy was turned into trauma when they learnt that one of their daughters won’t survive for long after born. C-section was performed and baby Skye passed away very soon.

3 Fortunate?

While they were mourning for the death of their daughter, they met a strange at the hospital who told them they were quite fortunate that they haven’t got twins. Needless to say, Millie completely broke down in tears after hearing this.

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4 Purple Butterfly

In memory of their lost daughter, they founded the “Skye High Foundation”, whose symbol is purple butterfliesaimed at identifying and uniting families who have similarly lost a child while giving birth to multiple babies. Their mission is to help them mourn in peace and provide them strength so that they don’t have to face pain from passing strangers.

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