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11 Images That Illustrate The Ugly Side Of Internet And Technology

by Qunki Team | wtf
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This present age is indeed the age of technology and technological advancements! However, we need to sometimes question ourselves as to whether the internet has proved to be a boon or it has made us even more cruel and gruesome. Most of the time, we can often see ourselves be fighting for this cause of free wi-fi or free internet Nowadays, the present scenario is such that free access to wi-fi has become a part of the basic necessities of human beings other than food, shelter, and clothing.

At certain times, we fight among ourselves in order to gain access to free wi-fi. This trend has increased in the recent years. Let us have a look at 11 images that are the apt description of the ugly side of this present technological advancement.

1 The mirage called free Wi-Fi

2 So true. Especially low battery and blue ticks

3 Beg, borrow, steal for likes

4 Apt road signs

5 True story!

6 HAHAH = -_-

7 Inside the big well of excuses

8 Sorry book!

9 The transition of inner child

10 The new power

11 Bingo!


12 Watch a video

Incredible Internet Facts

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