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15 Pictures That Prove Bikinis Are Not Good For Plus-Size Women.

by Qunki Team | wtf
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We often find plus sized women wearing bikinis on the beach. But should they really wear bikinis, or do they even have the finesse to pull that off. Check out the article below to know more.

1 Plus size women dont look nice when they wear bikinis.Most bullshit thing ever said.

2 Its best if they dont wear bikinis. This lady definitelyproves them wrong.

3 I dont want to look at them when I am on the beach. Well in that case that is your problem, not a

4 They are unattractive. Yet they dont have any results to back their claim.

5 They are not yet ready for the beach. This beauty shows that she is perfectly ready.

6 How can someone find them sexy? My question is how can someone not?

7 Bikinis are not really made for plus size girls. Well that doesnt seem to be the case here.

8 So much skin out makes others uncomfortable around them. You need to find a better reason than tha

9 Wearing a bikini when you are overweight is courageous. Its not courageous, its called normal.

10 I wouldnt even dare to touch a bikini if I was overweight. Keep your worthless opinions to yours

11 I dont find any reason for bigger girls wear bikinis. How about the fact that they look wonderfu

12 Are bikinis even available in that size? Do some research before asking such stupid questions.

13 If I were a big girl, I would wear one piece swimsuits.Well you dont control their lives.

14 Men dont prefer such bodies. Yes, they do.

15 I think that one should dress according to their size. I believe one should dress the way she w

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