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Unconsciously or Not, Men Are More Attracted to Women Who Have These 6 Traits

by Qunki Team | beauty and fashion
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Flirting is an inherent nature of men and women. Flirting is crucial to get into a relationship, which ultimately leads to lovemaking. Love making leads to pregnancy and finally, reproduction without which the human race wouldn't survive. But, there are certain traits in women that are more attractive to men. Let's take a look at the top 6 features.

1 Hip To Butt Ratio

Any male in this world prefers a 7:10 hip to butt ratio. This figure is also known as the hourglass figure. One explanation for its attractiveness is that these measurements denote a full-blown woman, and of course, curves have become popular nowadays.

2 High Pitched Voice

Men might not be aware of it, but they prefer a high pitched voice in females since that denotes that the woman is young and is quite slim. On the other hand, a huskier tone denotes the opposite and is less preferable.

3 Amazing Hair

It has been seen that women who have long and healthy hair are more attractive to men.

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4 Great Smile

Everyone loves a person who smiles, and if you can make someone happy with your smile, then you are definitely on the right track!

5 Go Natural

Many women overdo makeup, which can be disastrous if you are going out on your first or second date. It's better to go natural which shows that you are confident about your appearance, and that can attract your partner more.

6 Wearing Red


Several studies have shown that most people associate red with passion, which means both men and women are more attracted to the color red, be it the color of lipstick or your dress.

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