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15 Nurses And Doctors Share The Best Responses To That $exual History Question

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Anyone who has been to the doctor(which includes everyone) had to answer the question where their $exual history was asked. Most people normally answer. However, some people can give some rather awkward answers.

This places the doctors and the nurses who are listening to the answers in a weird position. Some of these responses are quite hilarious too.

A Reddit user named davis482 recently asked this question on Reddit directed towards nurses and doctors about what was the best answer they received when their patients were enquired about their $exual history. Check out the top 15 responses below.

1 mhornbergers patient had to explain a lot.

2 Maybe, the question was asked by Coord26673 in a confusing manner.

3 Maybe Dan-z should have asked her to keep a count next time onwards.

4 I am sure this guy would have taken up another form to complete his story of $exual encounters if he had to wait any longer.

5 DarwinianMonkeys grandma was great!

6 Was this because of her dementia?

7 Yeah, he had to learn it the hard way.

8 SqueezeTheShamansTit seems to be a great doctor, based on that username!

9 Although I feel sorry about your grandfather’s death, I have to say that’s a great way to leave this planet.

10 I would have probably knocked him unconscious if this happened to me.

11 This seems like a bit too much info from moonboots333.

12 Just asking for a friend.

13 Well, rattling a nurse does take some serious effort, especially someone so conservative!

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