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Press This Point On Your Belly And Get Rid Of Toxins In Just No Time

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Everybody has experienced some strange and weird noises while waiting on the toilet seat to complete a bowel movement. You desperately want to find a solution to this problem but cannot, right? What if I tell you that there's a simple point or button No, it isn't on your smartphone. It's your body that has this functionality.

Yes, by applying a bit of pressure on that particular point on your belly, you can easily get rid of toxins in your colon, and it will also ease bowel movement. Curious which point this is? Scroll down to find out.

1 This point is called sea of energy by Acupressure experts.

This button or point, known as the sea of energy, is located right under the belly button. All you have to do is simply measure by your fingers.

2 Under your belly button, measure three finger widths.

Ensure that only three fingers are used. There you get your button.

3 Yes, do make sure that youre close to a washroom for evident reasons.

Then, use three fingers of yours to press that button.

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4 Breathe as deeply as possible.

Continue pressing it until you feel the urge to relieve your bowels.

5 Time is taken by the button to work

It will start showing its effect within 10 seconds, or maximum in 3 minutes.

6 Mechanism behind it

Acupressure expert Dr. Michael Reed Gach explains that by pressing the button or massaging abdomen, the body gets stirred which makes the bowel movement easy. It also helps in clearing colon by getting rid of waste. The button also solves gas issues and alleviates menstrual cramps.

7 Other tips for the easy bowel movement- 1. Squat

the human body is naturally designed to squat which releasing bowels. So, squats do help in this.

8 Take it easy, dont push hard

When you get frustrated sitting on the toilet seat for five minutes and try to apply extreme pressure, it doesn't help but worsens the situation.

9 Have foods rich in fiber

If you constantly suffer from constipation then increase your intake of fibrous foods like flax, seeds, berries and beans.

Did you know about this button? Yes or no? Tell us in the comments section below.

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