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Hilarious Photos, Perfect Timing! You Will Lol So Hard!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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1 Wow!

Even monkeys have evolved enough to realize when they're seeing a woman's private area and they have the same reaction as most men would.

2 They Touch Too

See, they even know when shes got an amazing rack. Bet his wife doesn't have something like these, so he's seizing the opportunity!

Looks like gramps is getting a little afternoon b j before his nap. Now, this is what a vacation is all about!

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Now there's a skating trick you don't see every day they call that the head poop!

Even if this photo were taken, was so curious to know if she thought she could catch a hot dog with her mouth!

When all you attract are dogs and liars, and they actually turn into canines!

Oh no they weren't fighting, shes just helping get a really large spider out of her hair!

Youd think she was going commando judging by the horror on her face after the Marilyn Monroe moment.

9 look who is staring !


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