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10 Photos Of Pregnant Wives Sleeping With Their Men Are Simply Breathtaking

by Qunki Team | uplifting
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The nine months of pregnancy is a highly delicate period for every woman. While you are expecting your baby which will make you probably the happiest person in the world, you also have to go through a lot of hardships during those nine months. Also, after your childs birth, the parents have a ton of responsibilities in their hands.

We usually dont get to admire the hardships and beauty of this period. That is what Jana Romanova, a young photographer, has tried to achieve. Her photo series has been named Waiting, where she captures beautifully the discomfort faced by a pregnant woman and how her partner cares for his wife and his expected child.

Read on to take a look at these breath-taking pictures.

1 You are always special to me.

2 The day you became pregnant

3 You became even more special to me.

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4 I know that you never sleep at night even though I am deep in slumber.

5 You just pretend to stay asleep to keep me from worrying.

6 Just to ensure that my sleep never gets disturbed.

7 I cherish those nights when you sleep wrapped in my arms.

8 Then I know that you are always close to me.

9 It doesnt matter if its a sofa.

10 Or if its just a single bed.

11 I know that I am your highest priority always.

12 And that goes for every day.

13 I hope you stay by my side every day.

14 You never wake up me even you suffer from severe cramps at night.

15 Sometimes you dont get any sleep at all at night.

16 Even when we have multiple children.

17 You will always be the most precious person to me.


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