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8 Simple and Effective Ways To Avoid Breast Sagging

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Everyone wants a perfect body. But, as we get older, our body changes the way we never want to be. One of the worst change is your breasts start to sag after a point. But you can keep them in good shape and health if you take care of a few things. Here are some simple and effective ways you can use to prevent your breasts from sagging and keep them in perfect shape.

1 Exercising

Excercising is always good to your body. It keeps your body in good health and shape. Same way it keeps your breasts from sagging as well. So exercise regularly and keep up a good shape.

2 Sudden weight loss can cause loose skin.

There is no question; weight loss is a good thing if you are overweighted. But if weight loss is sudden, it will affect your breast badly. If your weight loss is slow, then no need to worry about losing the shape of the breast.

3 Say No to Smoking

Smoking is always injurious to health in many ways. Same in case of breast health. Your smoking habit will ruin the good shape of your breast. Say no to smoking to keep your skin healthy and firm to your body.

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4 Only use the perfect fit bra to you

Use perfect sized bra. A miss-sized bra can affect your breast shape. Don’t even try to adjust your breast with your old bras.

5 Well fitted sports bras

Usage of well fitted sports bra will help as well.

6 Massage

Massage your breast once a week properly to maintain proper blood flow in your chest muscles and make them healthy.

7 Moisturize it

Proper moisturizing will prevent skin aging and damage. Apply a quality cream or lotion on your breast regularly.

8 Avoid UV rays

Try to avoid direct sunlight. It may cause sunburns, Stay away from harmful UV rays. Apply a good sunscreen before going out.

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