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10 Food Items you can eat as much as you want

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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It is really difficult at times to stop the food cravings we all have, especially when we are following a strict diet regime. When you try to control hunger, we feel even more hungry. Every person on diet has a fantasy that even if they eat food whenever they want, their weight should never increase. This is possible indeed; only by making correct food choices. This is not possible with junk and sugary food.

Here are some of the foods which one can eat as much as they want and it won't add to their fat

1 Popcorn

It is a popular movie snack. Salty popcorns are really tasty and light. All they consist of is air. Even if you consume the whole tub-like container, it will never make one feel heavy and full. It just contains 32 calories per 3.2 ounces. Of course, butter popcorns and caramelized popcorn will definitely add to the weight.

2 Egg Whites

Egg white is always a healthy option which one can eat anytime. The best part is, one can prepare a lot of interesting dishes using egg white like boiled egg chaat, egg white omelet and many more. This is can be one of the favorite evening snacks for many people.

3 Cucumber

Cucumber is instead a fat cutter. Eating one cucumber per day reduces a lot of extra fat, accompanied by a number of other benefits. Cucumber can be eaten in any amount and it will not make you fat. One can add salt and black pepper to taste.

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4 Orange

Orange is a vitamin C rich fruit. It will never increase weight, even if it is consumed in large amount. Salt and black pepper make it tastier instead. However, preservative orange juices and packaged drinks contain a lot of sugar and they add sufficiently to body weight.

5 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are even tastier than cucumbers. It just contains 25 calories. It also contains other nutrients like Vitamin B2, fiber, and potassium which is really important for health. Tomato is also known as a natural antibiotic that can save you from toxins contained in the environment. It can be combined with cucumbers and onions to make a healthy snack which does not increase weight.

6 Blueberries

Blueberries top the list of foods which contain antioxidant content. This fruit is richer than any other fruit in terms of antioxidants. A cup of blueberries is a healthy snack which one can munch in between meals. It has only 85 calories.

7 Salad

These days a number of salads are possible. Salads are a category in almost every restaurant menu nowadays. One can eat as many salads as they want and they will never be fat. One can make various combinations of salads with fruits, veggies, corns and a number of other ingredients. However, salads which contain mayonnaise, cheese and other salad dressings can add sufficiently to weight as the sauces have high-calorie content.

8 Spinach

This green leafy vegetable is extra-rich with all the antioxidants and minerals which human body needs. It actually makes sense why "popeye-the sailorman" gets immense strength by eating spinach. It is rich in iron and purifies the blood. It does magic if added to one's daily diet.

9 Lettuce

Maximum categories of lettuce, whether it's iceberg or romaine, they only contain about 20 calories per serving. Even if lettuce is not much rich in proteins, but it contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients like iron and folate. This is the perfect ingredient for a salad.

10 Celery

Celery has about 95 percent water, and the rest of the content is composed of fiber. Eating some of the stalks won’t make add to any of your weight. Two stalks of celery contain just 13 calories and about 2 grams of fiber. One can prepare a tasty dip in hummus to create a healthy snack

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