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The Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

by Qunki Team | wtf
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The World is weird. The Internet is weirdest. The World is transforming to a big market where we can buy or sell anything. You name it, and you can buy it from somewhere. These girls even sold their virginity to unknown people for whooping amounts. We may think, WTF! How can a girl sell her virginity to someone she doesnt know? But they may have a solid reason for that. They may need a big amount of money for something important, that she cant earn otherwise.

Check out these girls who auctioned their virginity online for significant amounts.

1 Rosie Reid (UK) 8400 Pounds

2 Alina Percia (Romania) 8800 Pounds

3 Shatuniha (Serbia) 90,0000 Rubles (approx 30,000 USD)

4 UniGirl (New Zealand) 32,000 USD

5 Catarina Miglorini (Brazil) 780,000 USD

6 Elizabeth Raine (USA) Undisclosed Amount

7 Graciela Yataco (Peru) 1.3 million USD

8 Raffaella Fico (Italy) 1.8 million USD

9 Natalie Dylan (USA) 3.7 million USD

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