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The Worst 16 Corporate Logo Fails Ever

by Qunki Team | funny
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The Worst 16 Corporate Logo Fails Ever

1 If this doesnt look like a womans naked body to you immediately, than youre too innocent.

2 Its supposed to be a rising sun behind a building

3 The reason punctuation and spacing is important, kids.

4 You most definitely see it.

5 Vermont Maple Syrup

6 A-Style

7 2012 Olympics

8 Kindergarten logo

9 Fire prevention products

10 What is Mama using to bake?!

11 I would be worried about going under with this dental clinic.

12 This logo took me a while If you tilt your head to the left and look at it for a whileit looks l

13 The right tools for the right job.

14 So thaaaats how lemonade is made.

15 This sausage company couldve gotten a bit more creative.

16 That logo makes me not want to go there for surgery. I like my limbs where they are.

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