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25 People Who Had Just One Job And Failed Marvelously At It

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > 25 People Who Had Just One Job And Failed Marvelously At It

We all make mistakes but these people make you laugh like hell. These are utter foolishness.

1 Since when did onions resemble corn?

2 So you can actually choose your fortune.

3 An over-achiever in Geography

4 Slow claps

5. How ironic

6 What was this guy thinking/on?

7 Good luck getting this work

8 This too

9 *No comment*

10 This guy thought he was Houdini!

11 How?!

12 There are two sides to every door

13 *Shaking my head*

14 How to design a kitchen least effectively

15 Expletive ist

16 What is the point of this?

17 Multipurpose clothing

18 Our sympathies!

19 An exit on its head

20 Ouch!

21 Uh oh

22 Imma whack this guy!

23 This door aint closin. Ever!

24 Bet this fellow lost his job

25 How ironic

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