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Extreme Close Ups Of Everyday Objects that You Won't Recognise Easily

by Qunki Team | others
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Some of the photos in today’s time make you think twice on what we see does that really is same on when we see it upfront. Well the beauty of digital photography is altogether a different one and the concept of macro photography in today’s time is trending quite a lot. Here is the list of some of the best 30 photos with extreme close-ups that were capture with at 1-inch on the camera sensor. Well if you have some of the photographers lust, then surely you can sure this fascinating works of art which often our naked eye overlooked but creative artists showed it in new style.

1. Metal Key


2. Snowflake

3. Onion

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4. Llamas’s Eye

5. Eye of cat

6. Salt and pepper

7. Ball point

8. Soap foam

9. Spaghetti noodle

10. Serrated knife

11. Lipstick

12. Housefly

13. Tea bag

14. Cornflake

15. Screw

16. Match

17. White sugar

18. Apple stalk

19. Book pages

20. Toothpaste

21. Tomato

22. Finger

23. Cigarette

24. Football

25. Dollar bill

26. Blueberry

27. Oval tine

28. Coffee

29. Green tea leaves

30. Kitchen Sponge

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