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Artist Illustrates Dark Side Of Our Society Through His Works

by Qunki Team | others
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A picture speaks louder than words and maybe that is why it gets buried in our subconscious deeply. Beneath are some visual ironies of our so called perfect society which are hard to escape. Each one hits hard to the point of making us ponder deeply about the two-faced world we live in.

professional designer and illustrator, Daniel Garcia illustrated dark side of our society through his works. You can check his illustrations below.

More info: danielgarciaart.com | Instagram

1. Never believe everything on the internet, every news has two stories.

2. The greed of one man into fulfilling his own dreams.

3. Human factories destroying the lungs of the world.

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4. Your own mind becomes your enemy.

5. When you just see the tip of the iceberg.

6. Chained to technology.

7. War is an actual business; the one who controls business controls the war.

8. Practice what you preach.

9. When you have to show off a high standard of living.

10. Divorce – divide and rule.

11. Humans being test subjects.

12. Going around in circles through the circle of life.

13. Us building walls of false prejudice.

14. Hypnotizing into believing the lie.

15. One mind many faces.

16. Pulling the plug on the elders.

17. The biggest con of all time – Politics.

18. Perfect relations that exist only in books.

19. The age gap getting bigger.

20. Vacationing for the social media.

21. New age deliveries.

22. Swimming in an unrealistic world.

23. Fighting for the equal pay.

24. Pretending to succeed as someone else.

25. When the world is seconds away from exploding.

26. Too many degrees, too little skills.

27. When plastic bodies are the real beauty benchmark.

28. Pluck on the original dreams and plant fake ones.

29. Humans are less believed.

30. Too many life coaches but only one you.

31. Block your words and your thoughts.

32. Obsessed in destroying others, yet prisoner of your own past.

33. Being the absolute saint.

34. Too many reservations, too less humans.

35. Putting up a fake show of extravagance on the social media.

36. Pretending to be happy but overworked and under paid.

37. Relationship these days - Having secret profiles and passwords on phones.

38. When one can’t clean ones own filth?

39. Big brother watching you always.

40. Water wars getting real.

41. When the grass is not greener on the other side.

42. Adapting tunnel vision, not all you see is true.

43. The green pastures of your motherland are better than a barren unknown land.

44. When you let the cities take over jungles.

45. You are not alone anymore.

46. Robots replacing human hands.

47. The greatest AI president ever, in machines we trust!

48. Tin soldiers following emotionless orders.

49. No one cares what you post.

50. When you stop looking for the truth.

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