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Scariest Halloween Cakes You Will Ever See

by Qunki Team | others
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Halloween is one holiday where you can unleash all your creativity, be it outfits or snacks. When you decide to bake an envious cake for the whole world to see, you better put it on display. Below are some sinister bakes that will blow your mind and spell terror on your plate.

1. A serene death scene.


2. Eye ball soup anyone? Filled with proteins.

3. We raided the bat cave.


4. The dead coming to life.


5. We had warned not to read the Mummy mantra.


6. Honey, I killed our cat.

7. The love for mini caskets.

8. Witchcraft and spiders decorate the night.

9. Buried alive has a new meaning.


10. Slasher is back!


11. Multiple eyed monsters exist for real.

12. Friday the 13th celebrated in style.


13. Hogwarts has a new student.


14. Spinning a web around your adversaries.

15. I keep an eye on all who enter the party.

16. Here is what a drunk dwarf look like.

17. Digging your own grave cake.

18. Dedicated to all the ancestors gone by.

19. That is how a witch crash lands.


20. A holy set of ghosts singing hymns.

21. Spiderman got no chill.

22. Bobbing the apple the caramel way.


23. Its the serpent again, here to tempt you for a big chocolate bite.

24. A grumpy old pumkin to savor.

25. Just two skeletons deeply in love.


26. The Texas Chainsaw killer out to get you.


27. When you have a Zombie appetite.


28. Murder by the vanilla.

29. Lost in the mind of a serial killer.


30. A castle of deadly wonders.


31. The dead sailor has risen for revenge.

32. Between the devil and the serpent.


33. Keeping the morgue doors closed forever.


34. Even after death do us part.


35. Blood on the platter cake.


36. Just a bunch of ghosts throwing a midnight party.

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