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57 Thanksgiving Tweets That Are Too Funny You Can't Stop laughing

by Qunki Team | others
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Thanksgiving is for family fun and plenty of food but when it becomes a part of internet humour, things do get a bit interesting. These tweets will choke you at your dinner table and entertain even the guests gathered around the table, psst! It might just save you from some dreary conversations by the elderly folks.

Thigh Gap
Fwd Emails
Pecan Pie
Thanksgiving Tweets Pregame
Thanksgiving Tweets
Sylvester Stallone
Turkey Day
Thanksgiving Tweets Black Boyfriend
Make A Scene
Instagram Turkey
Five Year Olds
Four Hours Late
Child Of God
Presidential Uncle
Just Try It
Mac N Cheese
Black Families
Mass Texts
Kids First
Maternity Pants
Turkey The Animal
Obama Biden
Expired Medicine
School Crafts
Thanksgiving Tweets Preschool
Christmas Lights
Eat Subway
Turkey Ass
Golden Corral
Halloween Costume
Mother Turkeys
Hate Family
Turkey Bong
Lonely People
Thanksgiving Tweets Grandma
Macys Parade
Dressing Up
Mysterious Crumbs
Thanksgiving Tweets Handgun
Okay Or Great
Guest Toilet
Raisin Stuffing
Racist Uncle
Hand Sanitizer
Woody Woodpecker
Run Away
Cranberry Sauce
Sad Party
Tshirt Cannon
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