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NBC NEWS: All American Citizens Will Be Microchipped In Less Than 3 Years

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Many people already predicted this years ago Americans will have microchips embedded in their bodies by 2017 since the technology would have advanced a lot by that time to allow such a way to give a unique tag to every person.

We are already implementing this technology to track shipping containers, and some people even use them on their pets so that they can locate them easily if they ever get lost.

It will definitely provide several benefits consider the following example. You face a severe accident and have been admitted to a hospital. You are still unconscious, and no one can recognize you. Due to the microchip present in your body, one can easily get all your medical info in a minute.

However, some people do not support this notion and believe that microchipping will be the end of the world as we know it. Things like identity theft or stalking could become common. Also, this would mean that everyone has to keep a unique tag to live in this world.

Clark Nelson, an expert in biometrics states that you need to answer one question Am I who I say I am? to understand this technology. But obviously, it is much more than that in reality, since new forms of crimes and frauds could start using this technology.

People who aren't so keen to be tracked by the government at all times also will have problems. Their privacy will be destroyed and that has already started since we are using fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition technology starts matching the eyes first, then the shape of the face and compares it to a database of millions of people for a match. This might be considered as invasion of privacy by some people.

Micro-chipping will do all this and a whole lot more. In fact, it will also GPS tracking features so the government can know about your whereabouts at any point in time.

Don Monro from the University of Bath has commented that this technology might be used to get rid of wallets and keys entirely. Majority of the population aren't yet sure about this although some celebrities and billionaires have already started inserting microchips in their children if they are ever kidnapped.

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