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12 Amazing Business Cards Of World Famous Personalities

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Anyone who has run a business knows very well that a business card is crucial to creating his own unique identity as a businessman.The business card informs visitors about the personality of the owner of the company. For a normal person, an ordinary business card which is attractive yet simple will do the job, but for world famous people, they need something extra.

Check out these amazing business card from 12 world famous personalities.

1 This is what Bill Gates one of the earliest cards looked like

2 One definitely didnt expect this from Marks card

3 Simple yet stylish card of Larry Page, Googles former CEO (currently CEO of Alphabet)

4 Apple co-founder definitely loves metal

5 You obviously expect something creative from Walt Disney

6 Steve Jobs believed in simplicity

7 This card shows the Wright Brothers believed in equality

8 Evan Williamss card looks quite stylish

9 Chuck Jones card from Warner Brothers

10 This beautiful card belongs to the US president

11 Steve Martins card, portraying his narcissism

12 Simple card from Lucas Rocha, engineer at Mozilla

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