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His Best Friends Caught His Girlfriend Cheating But The Worst Part..

by Qunki Team | wtf
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In a relationship, it is tough to break up if you love your partner a lot. But when you see your partner cheating on you? It's a painful thing. What is the worst thing than getting cheated by your partner who you trust a lot? It's when your partner is cheating you with your best friend. Check out the tragic story of this guy.

1 While watching Star Wars..

Its all happened when the guys best friend went to watch star wars.

2 Even the start of the conversation is sad

Something worst is coming..

3 And Her it is . . .

What kind of best friend spoils the movie for you ?

4 Nooooo..

Dying would have been so much better than this major spoiler.

5 The only thing he cared about

And now, that is spoiled for him. Why is life so cruel ?

6 Life started to suck right about now

It is better to be friendless than having such careless friends. Agree? Then share and comment.

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