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These GIFs Sums Up The Terrifying Side Of Mother Nature.

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Mother Nature needs saving. We have heard this several times in our lives, and this term has become increasingly popular in the recent years especially due to global warming and rising levels of population. However, does Mother Nature need saving?

Nature can be quite deceiving most of the times, we only see her beautiful side, but sometimes, she also shows her terrifying side. And when that happens, we humans can do nothing to prevent accidents from happening.

We have collected some GIFs which show how terrifying Mother Nature can turn out to be at times. And remember some of these might be disturbing to watch.

1 Lets start the terror with this smart spider.

2 Here we have a majestic centipede shedding its skin.

3 This is a time-lapse of thousands of ants devouring the carcass of a dead lizard.

4 Yup. Caterpillars can be carnivorous.

5 Bunch of spiders looks like a pile of hair. Run dude!

6 Molting scorpion, anyone?

7 The creepy vomit like object coming out of ribbon worm. Ew.

8 Two jellyfishes, I mean one.

9 Is this snail laying eggs or what?

10 Crab trying to resist this gigantic stingray.

11 Thats a leech swallowing a worm.

12 Just a python barfing up a kangaroo it tried to eat.

13 Hes beautiful but brutal.

14 What youre looking here is a bobbit worm.

15 Keeping his babies safe in mouth. Amazing!

16 Whoops, its in.

17 Poor snail caught by a flatworm.

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