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Some Of The Absolutely Hilarious #alternativefacts Tweets That Will Make You Laugh

by Qunki Team | others
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Some bizarre set of #Alternativefacts just to rile up the politics sitting in their comfy offices in Washigton D.C. Twitter is a gold mine when it comes to trolling and yes, even politicians aren’t spared. So here’s to ringing in the truth, the alternative way.

Alt Salad
Green Bay
Baby Weight
Drunk Sober
Don Melania
Job Raise
Caucasian Jesus
Invisibility Cloak
Courtney Love
White Rap
Electric Car
Impeachment Process
Polar Bear
Jesus Dinosaurs
Lance Bass
Mike Pence
Nazi Punch
Melissa Rauch
Trump Hair
One Direction
Pet Leopard
Pizza Diet
Speed Limit
Super Bowl
Death Star
Tegan Sara
Alternative Clock
Women Respect
Anchor Man
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