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32 Photos That Prove How Far People Will Go To Show The LOVE

by Qunki Team | others
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Setting fire to your forest is the expression for these epic love disasters. Never rely on instincts and keep your fingers off the camera button cause you never know when your private moments might be a laugh sensation online. For now just amuse yourself with these heart on the sleeve kinda cheesy couples.

Bad Heart Tat
Fuck Yo Dreams
Boob Thing
Bubble Bath Fail
Toilet Kiss
Bathroom Proposal
Marry Tattoo
Puzzle Pieces
Rowboat Date
Water Kissfail
Bride Kiss
Dumbass Brandon
Horse Couple
Not Love
Romantic Kick
Sick Passenger
Walmart Proposal
Ankle Monitors
Crap Proposal
Glory Holering
No Dumping
Romantic Dinner
Mi Amor
Romance Fail
Trashcan Hottub
Sandwich Proposal
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