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What Does Your Hair Length Say About You

by Qunki Team | beauty and fashion
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Believe it or not, your hair can reveal a lot about your personality, what kind of a person you are and so on. Our hair length can also help in that regard since our hairstyle denotes the type of life we love to lead.

1 Growth Chart


Check from the picture below the category you belong to, based on your hair length.

2 Ear Length Hair


Those women who have ear-length hair are normally quite intelligent and straightforward. These women don't prefer any non-sense and always stick to the main point instead of diverting from it.

3 Chin Length Hair


You were born with creativity, hence you can always find a solution from any problem you are facing. You can also recognize other people who have similar taste in design and style and are just as creative as you are.

4 Neck Length Hair


Women who have neck length hair are usually very kind and caring. They are compassionate about humans as well as animals. Since they are so friendly and kind, everyone wants to be their friend.

5 Shoulder Length Hair


If you have shoulder length hair that means that your personality isn't static; it's quite versatile. At one point in time, you might be shy or depressed, while the very next instant, you might be overwhelmed with joy its impossible to predict how your mood is going to change.

6 Armpit Length Hair


A kind and down to earth person, these women rely on logic. They always remain compassionate towards others, and never become overconfident, irrespective of the situation.

7 Waist Length hair


You always speak the truth; you are so honest that sometimes it works against you as well. In case your friends need any advice or opinion, they will always turn to you since you will always tell them the truth, no matter how harsh it may sound.

8 Bra Strap Length Hair


Often termed by men as being low maintenance, these women are always happy, and their youth and enthusiasm can turn even a dull place joyful.

9 Hip Length Hair


These women are quite feminine, and they love to dress in the most recent trends. They won't hesitate to spend valuable time to make themselves look gorgeous. Men often call them difficult to manage.

10 Tail Bone Length Hair


Flirting is an inbuilt characteristic in such women. Although they are quite confident and possess a strong personality, they also maintain their feminine side too.

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