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This Woman Looks Like The Focus Of These Photos, But Look Past Her. The Truth is Disgusting.

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Photographer Haley Morris-Cafieros photography exhibit is shocking and upsetting.

Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero

Morris-Cafiero is the girl sitting down in front of the guy looking down on her. She's captured him in an art project that explores how others feel about her large body shape. Notice that the guy is making a face at her while his friend takes a picture of him?

Walking Down A City Street

Her photo project is based on the notion that society is obsessed with thinness, which makes life hard for larger people, especially women.

Going For A Swim

Her photo series is called Wait Watchers, they are snapped in public settings, alongside people who don't realize they're on camera. People are seen in the background laughing or giving her strange looks.

At The Beach

She not obvious about taking her photos, so others aren't aware of it. She uses a self-timing camera, and when the shot is set up, she goes about normally, like talking on the phone or seeming to wait for someone.

Among Shoppers

Behind Morris-Cafiero, it becomes obvious in her photos that passers by do notice her, but the question is why?

Shopping For Fashion

Does this woman glancing at Morris-Cafiero have a reactionary look of disapproval?

An Accidental Awareness

Morris-Cafiero became aware of her photos that others were fixated on her. At first, the awareness was an accident, but she began to notice the phenomenon happened in her other photos as well.

A Photo Documentary

Instead of retreating from the public eye, Morris-Cafiero decided to meet it head to head. She hopes her photo project makes people aware of the issues of body image, and the shaming of larger people.

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