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The Position of Acne on Your Body Can Show You The Disease You Suffer From

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
Home > health and fitness > The Position of Acne on Your Body Can Show You The Disease You Suffer From

Most people won't believe this, but the position of the acne on your body can reveal a lot about your health. For example, you can understand if you have diabetes or even STDs just from the position of the acne. Check out the article below to know more.

1 Area 1: Hormones

Hormonal problems are the main cause behind acnes in the chin and neck. There could be several factors behind this stress, obesity or thyroid problems.

2 Area 2 & 3: High Stress Levels

Those areas refer to your shoulders. Acne in this field suggests that you are stressed and your entire health is being affected due to that. You need to release this stress and lead a peaceful life.

3 Area 4: Digestion

Acne near the chest area indicate that there are problems with your digestive system. You need to consult a nutritionist and change your diet. That should solve your digestive problems.

4 Area 5 & 6: Vitamin deficiency

Acne in these areas is an indication of vitamin deficiency. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables and if required, even add vitamin supplements to your diet. If nothing else works, you need to consult a nutritionist.

5 Area 7: Blood Sugar

This area is your stomach. Acne in this area indicates high blood sugar. Try not to eat too much sugar or bread. Eat more vegetables and fruits and contact a doctor.

6 Area 8: Personal Hygiene or STDs

Improper hygiene can be a reason for growing acnes in that area. However, sexually transmitted diseases can also be a problem. So it's suggested that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

7 Area 9 & 10: Allergies or Dermal Problems

These areas are the hips and upper legs. You might have allergic reactions to cosmetics and detergents if you have acnes in this region. Also, shaving can cause acnes in the lower legs, so only buy premium quality shaving products.

8 Area 11 and 12: Digestion and Nervous Systems

Area 11 and 12 refers to your back. An acne in this area probably means that your diet consists of too many calories. It could also indicate a lack of nutrients or that you are under a lot of stress and not getting enough sleep, which is negatively affecting your digestion as well as nervous systems.

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